sabato 13 febbraio 2016

Dalla Finlandia Oskar Terramortis di Gothic Rock Magazine con la prima recensione video "in lingua spagnola" di Turtles.

Hi folks! I'm Oskar Terramortis. Greetings from Finland.
And today we'll talk about an Italian band. What's going on there, my friends?The Italian scene is the most surprising scene in the last 2 yearsThanks to the amount and diversity of bands Italy produces at present. Gothic rock, post-punk, minimal wave, post rock and it's amazingIn fact, I'm still working in my famous compilation '33 bands made in Italy, you must to know'There's still place. We'll talk about it laterin another video. So, my friends...A Violet Pine2nd LP, 'Turtles'You know?, the band sent me this album...See? The cover is amazing but I still don't understand why there's a man riding a horse in a chariot if the album is called Turtles...I don't get it... AnywayTheir music is quite complex. It isn't easy listening, in fact.These guys play some sort of shoegaze, post rock influenced by post-punk and indie rockwith some electronic textures. It provides a customized atmosphereMusic is multi-textured, refined and fancyWith a great production and performance. Production is fantastic, simply brilliantTheir previous album 'Girl', edited in 2013 has the same soundI have not that album but I listened it in Bandcamp where you can listen this album tooCover photos are amazing. They fit perfectly with the musicI'll show you this because this edition comes in a sleeve case. I showed it before. Amazing photo. I love itThis is when photography and music are the perfect coupleThis album was edited by a Record label I didn't know before. It's called 'T.a. Rock Records'And this is a standard jewel caseI'll show you this. And again we can see a CD-R with professional printAnd it's a shame this doesn't include the lyricsIt's just a 4 pages booklet with the band photo in the middle as you can seeWhat kind of influences I could find? What music background they have? We can listen something similar to 'Editors'A bit of The CureNine Inch Nails too, specially to NIN ballads because the singer...Giuseppe Procidahas a similar voice to Trent ReznorAnd also some kind of influence from Depeche Mode, when they play guitarsThis is definitely a great album. Highly recommended if you like this kind of musicshoegaze and post rock basicallyHighly recommended as I said and...this is a band to keep in mindItaly is producing great bands in different genres. Especially with styles related to post-punk, gothic rock and moreI'll put some links as always in the video descriptionso you can know more about this Italian bandThere's a lot of good bands sending me their albums. I really appreciate itItaly is quite active in the underground sceneIt's one of the countries that produces and exports more bands nowadaysA Violet Pine, my friends. Check this band

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